• “Womb-mate” of Torrent Co-founder, Mike

  • Mom of 3 wild kids (it’s OK, wild is good)

  • Lover of all things Birthday Cake flavor (ice cream, popcorn, candy bars, Oreos, etc.)

Nicole tried to draw a picture for her Bio, but that didn’t work so here we are.  Growing up in Tucson, AZ with her twin brother, Michael (and four older siblings), Nicole was always a “free spirit”.  She loves mountain biking, surfing, longboarding, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and wakeboarding (while 7 months pregnant).  Basically, if it’s dangerous and gets your heart pumping, Nicole is down. After having 3 kids, Nicole used indoor cycling (in her basement!) to get back in shape and give structure and focus to her day - some time all to herself.

While Nicole’s class isn’t exactly dangerous, it will get your adrenaline going. Nicole’s class feels like a sweaty adventure that you’ve waited to go on all season.