• Big kombucha drinker

  • Ariana Grande enthusiast

  • Flips her ponytail like she just don’t care

Fiona has trekked to Utah for college after growing up on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod Massachusetts. She came to the University to study Chemical Engineering but came to Utah to explore the mountains. She got into road biking at a young age with her mom and has developed a love for indoor cycling during college.

She grew up a dancer so she is always searching for a banger with a beat. Do not be afraid to show your personality in her class for she is right there, singing and dancing with you.

Fiona loves a good sweet almost as much as she loves a good sweat (ice cream is her favorite) and has mastered gluten free treats. She is always down to grab coffee or tea with friends and loves meeting new people anywhere and everywhere!

Fiona hopes to make you as excited to spin as she is! She feels that spinning and working out can make any bad day good and any good day great!