• Has seen every episode of Parks and Recreation at least ten times.

  • Loves breakfast food (and French fries!)

  • Played competitive racquetball in college

Though she’s been in Utah for about 12 years now, Ali spent most of her childhood in Ohio and Illinois. In college, a “study” abroad to New Zealand helped Ali discover her love of rock climbing. When she came home, she spent most of her time out of class climbing the rocks in the mountains above Provo. She loves things that will get her adrenaline pumping, including but not limited to; bungee jumping, paragliding, wakeboarding, and probably skydiving (although she has yet to try that one). Before she discovered indoor cycling, Ali did a lot of running while training and competing in a marathon and several Ragnar relays.

Despite her love of adventure, Ali is a homebody at heart and enjoys nothing more than a good book or a crossword puzzle after her two kids are finally asleep for the night.  

Ali makes each class an adventure, bringing music with heavy beats and big drops to get your blood pumping. Her competitive edge will push you past your limits.