• Competed in 2 half Ironmans

  • Bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie

  • Survived a bear attack at age 14

Amy hails from Sandy, UT and was a competitive swimmer from age 6. In college, Amy got into triathlons and has completed several sprint and Olympic distance races as well as 2 half Ironmans with her eyes set on completing a full Ironman in the near future. Since discovering indoor cycling a few years ago, Amy has been hooked on the endorphins that are released during this party on a bike. Amy’s healthy lifestyle (she wants to move in to Harmon's for the salad bar and is the proud mom to a zucchini plant) is balanced with an equal appreciation for all things sugar (especially when she is the baker).  

Don’t let Amy’s sweet exterior and soft eyes fool you; her class is all business. Amy will challenge and test you - all with a smile on her face.