• Surgeon’s assistant at the U while studying to become a nurse

  • Her hips don’t lie

  • Beyonce is her idol

Alexis' 1,000 watt smile and boundless energy will have you dancing throughout her class and maybe even out the door too. Her love of dancing and singing is very apparent, and please, don't be afraid to join in during your ride. Alexis has had a knack for staying on beat since she started competitive ballroom dancing at 10 years old and continued to compete throughout high school. Since deciding that dancing on the bike is a little more her speed, she hung up the heels and brings that passion to each of her classes.

In addition to spinlife, Alexis is a surgeon's assistant at the University of Utah and is halfway through nursing school. While her closet is mainly scrubs and workout clothes, she loves still getting glammed up for a night out...or in.

Alexis is fueled by anything chocolate and peanut butter covered, bubbly water, and Beyoncé. Her motto in life is "Beyoncé and I have the same amount of hours in a day".

So when you see her hips moving, don't be afraid to join in!